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Useful Docker & docker-compose commands


Commonly used Docker commands

docker versionShow the docker version
docker image ls or docker imagesList the docker images on the system.
docker rmi <image_name>:<tag_version> or docker rmi <image_id>Remove the ocker image
docker commit <container> <image_name>:<image_tag>Create a new docker image from a container is running. Example:
docker commit c3f275de7e0a khuongdev/testimage:version3
docker psShow the health status of a container.
docker ps -aShow all containers
docker ps -a --format "{{.CreatedAt}}"Show container start time
docker create -it [--name <container name>] <image_name:tag or image_id>Create new container and run it. Use -d flag for daemon mode
docker rename old_name new_nameRename a container
docker logs <container>Show the container logs. For examples:
1. docker logs --since 2022-10-19T12:00 devcontainer
2. docker logs --since 2022-03-13T10:00 --tail 10 devcontainer
3. docker logs --since 2019-03-13T10:00 --tail 10 --timestamps devcontainer
4. docker logs devcontainer -t 2>&1 \| grep "Caused by: org.springframework.web.client.ResourceAccessException: I/O error on POST request for "
5. docker logs --tail=10 -f <container_id or container_name>
docker rm <container>Remove a container
docker rm $(docker ps -a -f status=exited -q)Remove all exited containers
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)Remove all containers
docker cp <container>:<full path to container file> <destination directory on host>Copy files from a container to the host system. For example:
docker cp khuongdev:/local/data/file.tmp /tmp/file.tmp
docker cp <full path to host file> <container>:<destination directory in container>Copies files from the host system to a container. For example:
docker cp /tmp/file.tmp khuongdev:/local/data
docker exec -u <user name> -it <container name> <command line>Executes a command in a container while the container is running. Examples:
docker exec -u khuong -it devcontainer /bin/bash
docker start <container>Start a stopped container.
docker stop <container>Stop a running container.
docker volume lsList the volume on the system.
docker volume pruneRemove all unused volumes.
docker volume rm <one or more volume names>Remove the volume
docker volume inspect <one or more volume names>Show the volume informations
docker inspect <image id or name>Show the docker image information.
docker inspect <container id or name>Show the docker container information.
docker inspect -f '{{.Name}} {{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}} $(docker ps -a -q)Check the name and IP Address of the container is running
docker inspect --format='{{.State.FinishedAt}}' <container_id or container_name>Show container finish time
docker inspect --format='{{.LogPath}}' <container_id hoặc container_name>Show the container log path

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